Online Marketing Agency from Budapest

– your business is our inspiration –

Our main philosophy was inspired by bauhaus: The workers designed and built buildings and created tools for people.

Strategy and planning

Give us a hint of what you are looking for and we will research it, do analysis and come up with an integrated strategic plan.

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Digital Platforms

As soon as we have the strategy we start to work on the pieces. It can be UX/UI Structure changes, website plans, application modeling, webshop making or even e-mail marketing for example, we have it all!

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Designing and Branding

Form and function with a little bit of fun! If you have an idea but don’t have the designer blood within, we can help you!

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Social and Google Ads

Often you have a brand a business, but for some reason the clicks are not comingg. We can fix that for you!
We do socail and google camapigns, also manage or create the accounts.

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Film and photo shooting, POS packages, brochures, flyers and display design. You name it, we make it!

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Social Media

We do Social management, from scrach!
We write, we create, we publish and we manage all the platforms – with all of these combined you get the communication of your brand. Also we can give you an update on what’s new and what direction should your brand go on the social media platforms.

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Let’s get started!
We are a fun online marketing agancy from Budapest!

If you liked what you saw on the way down here just drop us a call or a mail.
Maybe we can help!

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